During the years, NativeDB has grown very popular and is used by many developers all over the world. Our well-known and responsive Tech-support has become our "trademark" and is the most important reason why our customers appreciate it so much. NativeDB is being used by small development companies as well as large, global corporations. The below list of testimonials shows what some of our customers have said about NativeDB.

"We have been working with NativeDB since 2000 starting with Sybase7 and Delphi 6. This happens along with working on an ERP system using Sybase7. Needless to say that keeping track and maintain control over the DB while up to 200 users are connected is quite a challenge. NativeDB did the job perfectly. Never let us down. Since then this awesome tool accompanied us for many other applications up to Sybase16 on Delphi XE. Most reliable and most intuitive piece of software I ever had plus a fantastic support. If you need stable and fast database connections there is no way around NativeDB. Be smart and try it."
Frank Mollnau
Macs IT, Germany

"Having worked with other Delphi / DB layers to SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase, we are extremely impressed with NativeDB from Lioddon Data ! In addition to the flawless connection for Delphi to SQLAnywhere, the support from Lioddon Data is unsurpassed. NativeDB is truly a remarkable product which provided us with a powerful, tightly integrated and feature rich DB layer that greatly enhanced development and deployment of our SQL based applications."
Ron Simonsmeier, P. Eng., President
Enhanced Business System Inc., Canada

"After many years of fruitless hunt for an appropriate database layer for Delphi, we discovered NativeDB. At the surface, its incredible speed, a working Refresh button, working scrollbars, left a striking impression. Below, a versatile layer handling a multiple of Delphi versions and ASA versions, was exactly what we needed to convert our applications for our power users, retrieving millions of records every day. Finally, the design choices by the NativeDB team, the almost 'overnight' solution to suggestions, questions and improvements, as well as the drive to have the very latest features implemented, proved that this is a 3rd party software with an overall quality level, as never seen before in the industry. Congratulations!"
Frank Bevers, President and Founder
Belec Bvba, Belgium

"Using NativeDB with C++ Builder has made our installation a lot easier without BDE DLLs, especially configuring and distribution. The execution of data access greatly improved when moving to NativeDB. And last of all and the most important is the Tech-support when we email a question and/or problem to NativeDB we normally receive an email response the same day."
Steven Modglin, Product Development Manager
First American Financial/SMS, USA

"I started developing an application before I knew about NativeDB. I worked with Delphi's BDE and with another interface to SQLAnywhere. Both had problems of various kinds. I then discovered NativeDB and have found it to be a great solution for my application. The product works very well. The tech support team has gone out of their way to adapt NativeDB to work with ReportBuilder and also helped out with adaptation to ObjectSight - both products I use. I have only words of praise for the product and the support!"
Phil Horst, Director Computer Services, (pmh@mcc.org),
Mennonite Central Committee, USA

"We first heard about NativeDB when we were reading posts made to an ODBCExpress news group! We evaluated the ‘Trial Edition’ of the software, which worked flawlessly, and we are now working to convert our products from ODBCExpress to NativeDB. The support is both accurate and fast, and instils a feeling that Liodden Data do genuinely care about their customers and the time pressures that they work within."
Jonathan Tregoiing, Systems Engineer
Airops Limited, UK, (www.airops.co.uk)

"Anyone working with Sybase SQL Anywhere should definitely consider evaluating NativeDB. Our experience with these components has been nothing but exceptional. Starting with the gained speed (3-5 times faster then BDE counterpart), rock solid components, no-brainer, intuitive architecture and ending with a first class support team, all these have allowed us to convert a 90k+ lines application in less then four weeks and add processing capability/ speed our client only dreamed of. Congrats Liodden Data for a job well done!"
Cosmin Ioan, CEO/MCSE/OCP DBA,
Bridge-Tech.Com, Inc, USA

"I'm in the process now of converting all our in-house apps, and NativeDB has been #1 in responding to my enhancement requests, and is the only interface I've seen that can match ESQL line-for-line on performance at the data base end. IMHO, NativeDB is simply the most complete, fastest, most flexible and easiest-to-use 3rd party interface to ASA available for Delphi."
"NDB doesn't seem like a "product" to me anymore, it is more like one of my hands, always ready and willing to automatically do what I need. Thanks again for this great product."
Al Kirk,
Allied Information Networks, USA

"I recently (Aug 5-10, 2001) used NativeDB v. 1.90 along w/ my application (built using Delphi 5) at my client's convention (this is the first year I am using NDB). Everything went flawlessly perfect. The application is a registration system, which has between 10 and 15 concurrent users, who query, post transactions, update personal information, reports, etc. The queries were extremely fast, and the fact that there was no added overhead of installing the BDE, the installation on all 15 machines was a breeze. It took me under an hour to set up all fifteen machines, versus the previous years which took between 4 and five hours depending on what happened w/ the BDE. In addition to their product being absolutely superb, the support from the NDB team is the best I've received from a vendor. The NDB team will go the longest distance to research a problem, and provide solutions in a very-short turnaround time. To sum it up, this is a phenomenal product with an outstanding, and very responsive technical support team."
Mark A. Walters,
Walters Consulting Group, USA

"We are using NativeDB since 1999 as we started a project "process-information-system". We had to collect 2500 samples per minute and store it into two redundant databases 24x7 hours without stopping or losing data. At this time we made several tests with NDB and other libaries. NativeDB is very reliable and fast and it was the only one that could handle a hardware or database failure without stopping our software. We are glad to have such a good product and of course not to forget the best support we've ever got."
Bernd Scheufens, Development (scheufens@b-s-t.de),
B-S-T, Germany

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