The pricing structure of our Borland enabled components is kept simple and divided into two main item types. A Professional edition at a retail price of USD 795.00 and a Standard edition of USD 395.00. Both editions offer the complete class library to support the Borland Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder development environments. The difference between the Standard and the Professional edition is that our Professional edition is shipped with sourcecodes. If you decide to buy the Standard edition to start with, you can upgrade to the Professional edition later if you want, at a cost of USD 450.00.

Products and Pricing
NativeDB for SQL Anywhere (Standard)USD 395.00
NativeDB for SQL Anywhere (Professional)USD 795.00
NativeDB for SQL Anywhere (Upgrade to Professional)USD 450.00
NativeDB Alerts for Intersession CommunicationUSD 690.00
NativeDB Alerts (Upgrade from existing Standard or Professional license)USD 285.00

The NativeDB components are purchased on a per developer license basis. For every developer, you need to buy a separate license. You are allowed to build and sell as many executables as you want using NativeDB, or freely distribute any required NativeDB Alerts runtime file(s). No royalties are required what so ever. Quantum discounts and special discounts to nonprofit organizations are available on request.

To purchase a registered version you need to fill in the NativeDB registration form. The registration and ordering documents contain everything you need regarding registration, ordering and the different payment methods we support. Please contact our sales and ordering department at to receive the necessary ordering documents.

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