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Direct database access is the single most important key-feature of NativeDB. NativeDB skips both the Borland Database Engine (BDE), the Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and OLEDB layers. Thus make it easy to deploy, install and configure your end-user application. Instead it connects directly to the database layer provided by the database manufacturer. The result is high performance data-access, with less code overhead compared to any other standard database interface available today. NativeDB is a set of components that can work or link directly with your application executable. You don't have to worry about BDE, ODBC, MDAC or OLEDB distribution, configuration and version conflict issues anymore.

With our latest product extension "NativeDB Alerts", you can even get rid of any expensive network and database polling constructs and instead incorporate intersession communication abilities into your database and client applications. With NativeDB Alerts you can signal a certain event from a client or database to be reacted on by other clients.

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